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My Reddit handle is: /u/CalibreObscura

I appreciate any and all feedback, as long as it's constructive.

Thanks for visiting Calibre Obscura. This website and associated feed(s) are devoted to research on arms in the hands of non-state groups, in particular in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Over time, the interest of the author have also shifted to organisational structure, TTPs, and strategic direction of said NSAGs, in particular the Islamic State. This project has hence shifted beyond small arms research, although not to a degree where there's any likelyhood of long form content (yet).

All writing is written from the stand point of strong opposition to all dictators and terrorists, but the purpose of this website is arms research and reporting on non-state forces, not to take ideological stances on any issue. Please don't ask for links to Extremist material unless you can prove that you're in a relevent field.

To contact me for information, suggestions or non-public work, please use Twitter or Email.

More About My Work

Whilst the vast majority of my writing & research is unpaid and can be found only on calibreobscura.com & twitter.com/CalibreObscura, I have also contributed to or provided services for organisations such as Bellingcat, IHS Markit, Amnesty International, major news organisations, and NCOs. Please do get in contact using any of the methods above above if my services may be of use. I have also writen for and appeared on the podcast of Popular Front.


Why are you Anonymous?

It makes sense for my personal circumstances, and experience has shown anon accounts can be of tremendous use for research purposes.

Will you write or work for me?

My contact details are above. If you are a large organisation and would like work done without renumeration, please rethink this approach.

I think you made a mistake and want to tell you.

My contact details are above and I am very happy to make corrections.

I think you're biased and I don't like you because you don't support [INSERT OPPRESSIVE ORGANISATION HERE]

I don't care. Unfollow and block me, please.

What's your favourite firearm?

Late 1988 AKS-74N.

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